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  • JEAN-LUC GUIONNET (Francija) - solo recital za cerkvene orgle
    Sobota, 8. 9. 2012 ob 20.00 @ Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Ljubljani


problemloß orchestra

are presenting dynamic sound installation / concert of ekperimental music

Bowlfuls of sound / About fluidity of the space

In spite of the, hopefully, self-sufficient aesthetics of the sound performance by Borut Savski, Luka Prinčič and Matjaž Manček (sound / music performance = concert), it may be worth mentioning or identifying the separate pieces, more or less independent, that together form the concept (the structure / the composition / the dramaturgy) of the event.

The primary idea of the two moving, mutually corelated spheres (-> bowlfuls of sound), in the end (of this writing) connects with some ideas of a fluid space, which we would like achieve at the event and maybe, because of the personal experience, take as a kind of catharsic moment.

The fluidity is (here) of course measured in the field of sound (since we are sound artists). Fluidity means, that the present masses can relatively easily move one past another, they can spiral together, circulate at will, but almost never hit hard on each other. Because of the softness of materials there is no hard confrontations. The dynamic changes in one object / sound are softly transfered to the edge of space - at some points exhibiting resonance, at other points they die out. Of course this is the metaphorical language - of a world softer and more open.

In opposition to any fluidity stands - the hardness of material. The hardness of fixed relations, of immense inertia - the inert space. In such a space nothing ever happens, all is known, all questions have answers. The measure of inertia are inertias of relations between the objects / entities in a given space. The relations change slower than we can observe - so they seem unchanging. The fluidity of space means shortening of the reaction time of such relations, to provide the ability to observe the passing of time.

But it is only from a fixed viewpoint that we can observe what we measure - to see the changes. Therefore we need a construction of the situation - the event.

Construction / composition is defined by:

Two sperical bowls have simple motorics and a bit more complex sensorics. The are susceptible to the sound they hear, but they also coproduce the sound (compressed microphony). This is why the bowls are full of sound. They can see each other (infrared sensor) and then they change direction. This should allow for the bowls to slowly zigzag closer to each other, which doesn't really interests us anymore, but for the bowls this may be defined as a motive (with human it could be called the sense). A simple autoreferential algorithmics produces / gives birth to a kind of autonomy of the machine.

The two wobbling spheres thus become two sheep and need a shepherd. But the shepherd (swinging the stick) was there before! It is a wish of a player who wished for a very concrete sound - sharp, loud hit. The bowls become sheep only because of the shepherd. The stick played on an active background become a musical instrument. It can define the quality of the rest of the sound. The soft drone of bowls and the sharpness of the hits against the floor and the plucks against the strings.

The third idea / object (since we are three) have crystalized around the manipulation of image and translation into sound. This algorithmics is powered by the visual information fed in directly from the event, so that we are all included into this segment. The projection of us in the space in front / at the back could be a lead to another aspect, but let it be enough. We will add to fluidity with one more approach - the changing of the positions of sounds among the four loudspeakers.

Authors / performers:

Borut Savski

Born in 1960, Ljubljana Slovenia. Studied at Faculty for Electrotechnics, Ljubljana. Joined Radio Student Ljubljana in 1984, worked as technician, producer, music critique,...
In 1993 employed at Radio Student Ljubljana as chief coordinator, took part in many new projects arising around Radio Student and internationally. Quit this job in 1997, started coordinating Ministry of Experiment, an open platform for various media research, started to learn about internet. Co-organized web and radio based Xtended Live Radio events in 1997. During 1997-99 performed about a hundred of direct radio broadcasts from clubs, homes - events with portable transmitter to airwaves of Radio Student ("amplification of underground activities"). Invited to take part in web activities at Ars Electronica 1998. Started a regular radio broadcast "Huda ura" (Heavy Weather) in 1999 presenting sound art within the (not so broad) concept of algorithmic=improvised - about half of the time is dedicated to describing the concept and production itself - I produced a host of algorithmic sound examples. I got interested in various systems' theories - also based on experiences with small human systems. In 1999, together with American sound artist John Grzinich, realized a sound installation "Sound Biotope" in Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. In 2000 - soundtrack for a cartoon (E-Motion Film production). In 2000 split with Ministry of Experiment as a platform. In 2001 wrote an essay "Aesthetic Machines" - not yet translated. Following projects: "Holy Trinity/Round Table"/2001, "Sonic Point Of View"/2002, "Aesthetic machines"/2003, "Bazooka-Electric Jesus"/2004, "Eye meets I"/2004, "Oracle"/2004, "The Dancer"/2005 and "Bowlfuls of sound"/2005.
Check http://www.3via.org/index.php?htm=borut/index

Matjaž Manček

Started its musical path as clarinet player in local brass band, soon switched to guitar and noise-rock group Štirje pravi dedci. Few years ago started to collaborate with jazz-rock band Lolita and impro-jazz project Lolita Libre. Recently mostly occupied as member of experimental/multimedia music project BAST and an improv group Alzheimer Trio. Since 1996 involved in various music-related activities and actions:  music editor, journalist  and dj at Radio Student, club dj, promoter, organizer of various festivals and music series (rock, improv, electronic), editor of experimental electronic label rx:tx, coordinator of series of impro events at club Gromka,. www.radiostudent.si, www.crossradio.org, www.rx-tx.org, www.zavod-parasite.si/soundexplicit, www.rx-tx.org/progress, www.ljudmila.org/stripcore/sc8999/dedci

Luka Prinčič

With a Recording art degree (BA) of SAE Technology College London in his pocket, Princic is  free musician and sound designer, dj, programmer, artist and reasearcher of digital forms of sound and its echoes in the social and emotional textures. His work focuses on issues about free artistic expression, anartivism, networking, do-it-yourself and copyleft etics. Prinčič is also creator of internet projects:
http://skylined.org, http://www.letusplay.net

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  • JEAN-LUC GUIONNET (Francija) - solo recital za cerkvene orgle
    Sobota, 8. 9. 2012 ob 20.00 @ Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Ljubljani

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