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  • JEAN-LUC GUIONNET (Francija) - solo recital za cerkvene orgle
    Sobota, 8. 9. 2012 ob 20.00 @ Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Ljubljani


7. - 27. maj 2007

Project Soundline Ljubljana-Vienna-Bratislava is designed as a project of creative exchange among the protagonists of experimental music scenes of the respective cities.
The exchange of information of what is currently going on in each of the local scenes is of a vital importance for the establishing scenes of Ljubljana and Bratislava as well as it can be a piece of precious information for a vibrant Viennese scene. The project is focused on music projects/artists that strive for innovative, experimental ways to combine electronic and acoustic techniques, as well as a improvisational and compositional approach to sound. The projects presented in the project's programme come from variious musical backgrounds, but they all share the endeavour to overcome genre limitations, to search for new ways to bridge diverse artistic expressions, an openess for collaboration and the desire for new experiences. Shaping the programme of the festival, we tried to create situations and opportunities for artists from Ljubljana, Vienna and Bratislava to meet, interact, collaborate and establish creative ties.

A series of concerts, performances, workshops, sessions and presentations is going to take place in various venues in all of the three cities between May 7 and 27.

Project is organized by Kataman Music Action,/Ljubljana and co-organized by IFTAF/Vienna and Atrakt Art / Bratislava.


May 7-9 @ Glej Theatre: - >lloopp< workshop (by Klaus Filip)

May 8 @ club Menza pri koritu:
- KLAUS FILIP & BORUT SAVSKI (A /SLO) interactive sound performance
- Experimental music scene in Slovakia - presentation
- ETNOISE ORCHESTRA - audio-visual performace (SK/CZ)

May 9 @ club Gromka:
- Experimental music scene in Vienna - presentation
- SCHNEE (Christof Kurzmann, Burkhard Stangl) - concert
- lloopp improv session

May 25 @ club Raum35:
- Experimental music scene in Ljubljana - presentation by Luka Zagoričnik
- IRENA TOMAŽIN (SLO)- voice, tape recorders
- BORUT SAVSKI (SLO) - computer, self-made objects
- MIHA CIGLAR (SLO) - composition for electric guitar, mixing board and human body

May 26 @ A4 ZeroSpace:
- Experimental music scene in Ljubljana - presentation by Luka Zagoričnik
- IRENA TOMAŽIN (SLO) - voice, tape recorders
- MIHA CIGLAR (SLO)- composition for electric guitar, mixing board and human body
- KLAUS FILIP & BORUT SAVSKI (A /SLO) - interactive sound performance
- ALZHEIMER TRIO (SLO) ft. Rbnx & Miro Toth (SK) - improvised music concert

May 27 @ A4 ZeroSpace:
- Music improvisation workshop & session

About the participating artists:

Miha Ciglar is a composer and sound artist currently studying at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria. Originally from Maribor, Slovenia, Ciglar now lives and works in Western Europe. Since 2001 he has performed his own compositions for saxophone, guitar, vibraphone, double bass, electro-acoustical performances, interactive dance performances, computer music and audiovisual installations at many art festivals all around the world.
His work has strong conceptual fundaments and points away from expressive values of common aesthetic ideals. A subject of high concern and priority is the problem of absolute awareness of sonic perception which is directly connected with the question of existential legitimacy of sound art.
In the Soundline project, Ciglar is going to perform a Composition for electric guitar, mixing board and human body.

Irena Tomažin aka iT is a ''one (wo)man band'' and at least 2 dictaphones, playing with many voices. iT is also one of the most active contemporary dancers and performers in Slovenia, producing iT's own performances and collaborating with others. iT has performed in various dance and theatre productions(with Bara Kolenc, Duško Teropšič, Silvan Omerzu, Dragan Živadinov, Mala Kline, Maja Delak, Emil Hrvatin, Barbara Novakovič.) making her solo debut Hitchcock's metamorphoses in 2001 and iT's second voice based performance, Caprice in 2005. For the last years iT is working with voice, making iT's own voice performances and colaborating with different musicians. iT's second home is on the stage, while the first one is in iT's body, that multiplies through voices. iT is hunting somewhere 'in between' the moving steps and silent echoes...shifting to catch a balance... but always willing to fall...
iT has performed on various international festivals of new music lately, including Ultrahang / Budapest and Club5 /Vienna

Alzheimer Trio are: Tomaž Grom - double bass, electronics; Matjaž Manček - electric guitar, hardware; Marjan Stanič - drums, percussion The continuous improvising, non-compromising music action of Alzheimer Trio started in October 2005. Ever since, their performances have been disquieting and disturbing the audiences of Slovenian, Italian, German, Austrian, Hungarian and Slovakian clubs and festivals. In first year of it's activity, Alzheimer Trio has executed over 30 improvised gigs and has performed improvised sessions with Anthony Pateras, Robin Fox, Will Guthrie, Ferran Fages, Jean-Philippe Gross, Devil?Man, Ignaz Schick, Tristan Honsinger, Mikrokolektyw, Mimesys, Seppo Gründler and Dieb13 among others. In March 2006, Alzheimer Trio has released a live recording on Mattin's Desetxea net label. Alzheimer Trio: >Live at Gromka< (desetxo70,) http://www.mattin.org/desetxea.html

Borut Savski - Born in 1960, Ljubljana Slovenia. Studied at Faculty for Electrotechnics, Ljubljana. Joined Radio Student Ljubljana in 1984, worked as technician, producer, music critique,...
In 1993 employed at Radio Student Ljubljana as chief coordinator, took part in many new projects arising around Radio Student and internationally. Quit this job in 1997, started coordinating Ministry of Experiment, an open platform for various media research, started to learn about internet. Co-organized web and radio based Xtended Live Radio events in 1997. During 1997-99 performed about a hundred of direct radio broadcasts from clubs, homes - events with portable transmitter to airwaves of Radio Student ("amplification of underground activities"). Invited to take part in web activities at Ars Electronica 1998. Started a regular radio broadcast "Huda ura" (Heavy Weather) in 1999 presenting sound art within the (not so broad) concept of algorithmic=improvised - about half of the time is dedicated to describing the concept and production itself - I produced a host of algorithmic sound examples. I got interested in various systems' theories - also based on experiences with small human systems. In 1999, together with American sound artist John Grzinich, realized a sound installation "Sound Biotope" in Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. In 2000 - soundtrack for a cartoon (E-Motion Film production). In 2000 split with Ministry of Experiment as a platform. In 2001 wrote an essay "Aesthetic Machines" - not yet translated. Following projects: "Holy Trinity/Round Table"/2001, "Sonic Point Of View"/2002, "Aesthetic machines"/2003, "Bazooka-Electric Jesus"/2004, "Eye meets I"/2004, "Oracle"/2004, "The Dancer"/2005 and "Bowlfuls of sound"/2005.
Check http://www.3via.org/index.php?htm=borut/index

Etnoise Orchestra (SK, CZ) -
Slavo Krekovic - laptop, toys
Ladislav Mirvald - guitar, electronics
Oliver Rehak - laptop, electronics
Martin Valasek - turntables, eletronics
esfir - visuals
Slovak and Czech electronic orchestra formed in 2006 will fight the Big Systems in live soundtrack to a messed-up installation of a computer operation system. Political, social and technological utopias promiss a better life for all of us - but only if we believe in the System. Say "ouch!" and you'll experience revolutionary sounds next to guerilla-style images: improvised deconstruction of institutions of power.

Burkhard Stangl - acoustic & electric guitars, vibraphone
Christof Kurzmann - lloopp, clarinet, voice
After knowing each other for many years, burkhard stangl and christof kurzmann started "schnee" in 1999. they went into vienna's amann studios and recorded a cd with 4 tracks that was released by erstwhile records. The cd created great response within the improvised music world because of its, by that time very rare, correspondence of acoustic guitar and electronic sound manipulation. The duo continued their work with concerts played in Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands and tours in China, and Japan. At the same time they started to experiment with their new approach within so called "new" or "experimental" music, to incorporate songformat and pop vocals into their compositions and improvisations. Schnee can be called one of the longest working groups within improvised music and one of their most intriguing, yet still experimenting formations.

Klaus Filip
Almost all of Klaus Filip's art projects have been driven by technological possibilities and the social need to change structures. Among them subVoice (an underground tapemagazine), Sigis Bruder (early electronic songs together with singer Sigi Ecker), Christof Kurzmann's Orchester 33 1/3, Zentrifuge, music for short films, theatre, dance, sound-installations. He is the musical and electro-mechanic father of BigBaby, an outstanding intermedial project around a sculpture build by Red White and brought to life by the movements of Cynthia Schwertsik.
Filip is the inventor and never sleeping developer of the open-source software lloopp (http://lloopp.klingt.org), a musical instrument on the computer to provide open structures for live-improvisation, used by many well-known electronic musicians.
While he used to play on the edge of a computers abilities in the past years, he is now reducing the processes to mere sinus-waves, overlapping with themselves and the ever sounding surroundment of a place; searching for the individual limits of perception, in loudness and movement. Colaborations with Radu Malfatti, Werner Dafeldecker, Dieb13, Christof Kurzmann, Boris Hauf, Christian Fennesz, Jason Kahn, John Butcher, O.blaat, Sabine Marte, Gilles Aubry, Cordula Bösze, Silvia Faessler, Taku Unami, Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakamura, Arnold "noid" Haberl, Tim Blechmann, Ivan Palacký.

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  • JEAN-LUC GUIONNET (Francija) - solo recital za cerkvene orgle
    Sobota, 8. 9. 2012 ob 20.00 @ Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Ljubljani

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