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  • JEAN-LUC GUIONNET (Francija) - solo recital za cerkvene orgle
    Sobota, 8. 9. 2012 ob 20.00 @ Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Ljubljani


Ljubljana-Berlin Soundbridge 2006

Termin: April, Maj 2006

Projekt >Ljubljana-Berlin Soundbridge/Zvočni most 2006< je zasnovan kot projekt izmenjave med sodobnimi, mlajšimi glasbenimi ustvarjalci iz Berlina in Slovenije. V žanrskem smislu je fokus projekta je na sodobnem glasbenem dogajanju v miljeju elektronskih in akustičnih glasb s poudarjenim eksperimentalnim in improvizacijskim značajem. Obsežnejši del projekta bo potekal v Berlinu, kjer se bodo vršili nastopi in umetniška sodelovanja slovenskih avtorjev, manjši del projekta pa bo zajemal nastope berlinskih avtorjev v Sloveniji. Berlinski del projekta bodo sestavljala gostovanja uveljavljenih in manj uveljavljenih slovenskih glasbenikov in skupin mlajše generacije, ki predstavljajo žanrski presek slovenske sodobne glasbene scene. Ljubljanski del projekta bo zajemal nastope treh referenčnih in vplivnih berlinskih glasbenikov na različnih prizoriščih v Ljubljani.

Soundbridge Ljubljana - Berlin
New Music Exchange Between Ljubljana and Berlin
11.-15. April 2006 > Berlin
May 5th, 9th & 10th, 2006 > Ljubljana

The "Soundbridge Ljubljana - Berlin" programme consists of 4 days of concerts, Dj-sets, screenings and a panel discussion in Berlin at the club Zentrale Randlage (www.zentrale-randlage.de) - and of 3 music events and a panel debate in Ljubljana's Autonomous Cultural Zone of Metelkova

April 11.- 14, 2006
A Showcase of Slovenia's Finest Experimental, Improv, Electronica and Avant-Rock Acts

Zentrale Randlage e.V.
Schönhauser Allee 172
10435 Berlin
U2 Senefelderplatz
> www.zentrale-randlage.de


Tue 11th April
Klipzona Slovenia

A selection of Slovenian music videos from 1984 till 2003 wiith works by Borghesia, Videosex, Laibach, Niet, Demolition Group, Octex, Umek and others. The screening has
been produced originally for the b-Film Digital Vision Festival in Berlin.
Divided States of America - Laibach 2004 Tour
Berlin premiere of the feature documentary on Laibach and their recent US tour by Saso
Podgorsek. Produced in 2005.

Wed 12th April

Problemloß Orchestra (Electro-acoustic experiment; Ljubljana)
Tilt (Electro-acoustic improvisation; Ljubljana)
Alzheimer Trio & special guest Ignaz Schick (Total-Improv-Noise-Free-Rock;
Ljubljana - Berlin)
DJ Nova Viator (Braindance; Ljubljana)
VJ Barbato Kanak (ex Borghesia, Ljubljana)

Thu 13th April

Tilt & special guest Sabine Vogel
(Electro-acoustic improvisation; Ljubljana - Berlin)
DJ Nova Viator (Elektroblef; Ljubljana)
DJ Aldo Ivancic (Bast, ex Borghesia, Ljubljana)
VJ Barbato Kanak (Ljubljana)

Fri 14th April:

Slovenian Music and Video Art Scene
Panel discussion on the past and present situation for musicians and video artists in
Slovenia and Ljubljana. With: Aldo Ivancic, Borut Savski, Luka Princic, Neven Korda, Matjaz Mancek :Moderator: Jan Rohlf

Fri 14th April

of selected slovenian music video works by Laibach, Borghesia, Octex, Bast and others.
Presentation by Neven Korda

Ruins Matador (new way of New Wave; Ljubljana)
Bast Collective (ex Borghesia; experimental Ethno-Jazz-Noise-Rock; Ljubljana)
Octex (live + Dj, Digital Dub, Abstract Hip-hop, Micro-Techno, Ljubljana)
Buka (live + Dj, Berlin / Vienna)
VJ Barbato Kanak (Ljubljana)


May 5th, 9th & 10th
Various venues at the Metelkova cultural centre:

May 5th > Club Menza pri koritu:
Jamie Lidell (Berlin)
"ko0" (rx:tx, Ljubljana) (Ljubljana)

May 9th > Club Gromka:
Specifics of Berlin Music Scene(s)
Panel debate with Ignaz Schick, Jason Forrest, Aaron Snyder, N.N., Moderator: Matjaz

May 9th > Club Gromka:
Ignaz Schick (turntables, Berlin)
Ignaz Schick & Alzheimer Trio (Ljubljana - Berlin)

May 10th > Klub Channel Zero:
Blind Snake (Forrest, Snyder, Schick, Berlin)

Berlin has been one of the most important and influential centres of new music creativity for the past decades. On the other hand, Ljubljana is one of the new smaller centres for an emerging but still underpromoted young generation of creative musicians and ideas - with a historical background of artists like Laibach or Borghesia, which have undoubtedly marked the development of the international music and art scenes. The exchange of information of what is currently going on in both of the local scenes is of a vital importance for Ljubljana and a piece of precious information for Berlin. The project is focused on music and related video projects/artists that strive for innovative, experimental ways to combine electronic and acoustic techniques, as well as a improvisational and compositional approach to sound and image. The projects presented in the festival programme come from widely varied musical backgrounds, some of them are devoted to free improvisation and experiment, others leaning towards more structured forms of electronic or rock music. But they all share the endeavour to overcome genre limitations, to search for new ways to bridge diverse artistic expressions, an openess for collaboration and the desire for new experiences. Shaping the programme of the festival, we tried to create situations and opportunities for artists from Ljubljana and Berlin to meet, interact, collaborate and establish creative ties. We are interested in the current situation of both scenes/places, but of course do not want to ignore the importance of historical insight. Among the artists involved in the "Soundbridge Ljubljana - Berlin" project, there are some, who have flourished their creativity just recently, and some who have marked the avantgarde scene in the eighties and nineties and are still among the most active protagonists today.

Artists of the Berlin part - short descriptions

Three people playing music live and direct, hit and run. Direct communication, direct channeling, direct challenging:
Tomaz Grom - double bass, effects, electronics
Matjaz Mancek - electric guitar, effects
Marjan Stanic - drums, percussion
Alzheimer Trio started its activity in October 2005, and have been playing regular freely improvised concerts in various clubs in Slovenia and Italy ever since. Grom, Mancek and Stanic have also been playing together for the past two years as members of Bast Collective and Lolita Libre projects, as well as in various other improvised music projects. With Lolita and Lolita Libre projects, they have also played with Jessica Lurie, Amy Denio, The Tiptons, Ventzislav Blagoev and Axel Dörner, among others. As Alzheimer Trio they have perfomed improvised sessions with Anthony Pateras, Robin Fox, Will Guthrie, Ferran Fages, Jean-Philippe Gross among others. In March 2006 live recordings of Alzheimer Trio were released on Mattin's Desetxea net label.
> www.kataman.org/eng/alzheimer-trio

BAST is an audio-visual project initiated in 1998 by Aldo Ivancic, founding member of Borghesia, and Vuk Krakovic, former violinist of post-HC band 2227. BAST music is a journey to the urban-pagan trance that overrides the boundaries of genres in its content and form. It is a melting pot that destroys the artificial borders between cultures and returns to the music as a ritual act. It is not ethno, rock, jazz, techno, hiphop, avant-garde or pop, but a continuous search for the balance between chaos and order. The BAST collective integrates the work, joy and creativity of Slovenian all-stars musicians team, members of which have been significantly shaping the identity of various segments of Slovenian music scene for the last two decades as members of the most referential bands of specific scenes: from industrial-electro-punk (Borghesia), ethno-rock, kabaret (Katalena, Čompe, Terra Folk - awarded with BBC 3 World Music Audience Award in 2003!) , jazz-rock (Lolita) to noise rock, hardcore (2227, Žoambo Žoet Workestrao) and pop rock (Olivija).
BAST Collective are:
Gal Gjurin - electric bass, keys, vocals
Boštjan Gombač - wind instruments, vocal, percussion
Aldo Ivancic - programming, effects, mix
Matjaz Mancek - guitars
Andraz Mazi - guitars
Marjan Stanic - drums, percussion
Davide Grassi - video and graphic design
Neven Korda - live video

The Slovenian media - from alternative to mainstream - names BAST as one of the most important contemporary musical project - innovative in artistic expression, serious in socially critical stand and impressive in stage performance. In July 2005, BAST version of Kraftwerk's >Mitternacht< appears on >Trans Slovenia Express Vol.2<, a compilation of Kraftwerk covers by eminent Slovenian music groups, released by Mute Records. In 2006, BAST are preparing new material for the third album, which will carry a title >Visions of Excess< and will feature appearances of Vaginal Davis, Nicole Blackman, Ron Athey and other stars of the international performance-art scene.
> www.aksioma.org/bast

Neven Korda is an independent pure video artist, a pure video fan and worshiper. He began working with video medium as a member of the Theatre FV 112/15 in the beginning of Eighties. He co-founded FVVideo, the independent video production group, which produced numerous art, documentary and music video projects. Until the end of Eighties he was a member of multimedia electro-punk group Borghesia, his responsibility was visuals on concerts and performances as well as video clips. Then he went on with his story by continued working with Zemira Alajbegović as a tandem on Art products. At that time he also started working as video editor, author of TV images and director - especially in the field of industrial propaganda and artistic video, as well as TV production. Besides regular and constant videoart production, he collaborates a lot with contemporary dance, theatre and music projects. Recently he started to collaborate with BAST Collective as a live-video performer in the "Burn Out" series of improvised audio-visual events in klub Gromka.

Nova Viator began and developed as a breakbeat dj, but opened his horizons wide after two-year-long stay in London to multi-genre playing and mixing simply good dancefloor or listening music. He played with many UK breakbeat djs like T-Power, Koma&Bones, Tayo, BLIM, Tipper, Laidback, and others like Tib Curl, Random Logic and Atari Teenage Riot. Since 2003 he runs a open-sounding tolarancepromoting electronic clubnight "Zarobotko" (Channel Zero, Metelkova City) that can feature a lot of braindance, IDM, electro-techno sounds and breakbeat all mixed up and featured loads of local and nearlocal talent (Austria, Hungary, Croatia), female VJs and video artists.
> http://viator.si

One of most profiled and internationally established Slovenian electronic artists. Minimal dub, ambient and minimal techno producer and dj, remixer of Laibach and Ultra-Red among others. Octex aka Jernej Marusic has been experimenting with music equipment since late 90s, when he fell in love with the sound of old analogue synthesizers. In all this years he found himself in doing Organic Crackle and Tone EXperiments (Octex), fusing his diverse influences with the unique flavour of Ljubljana. This resulted in releases on numerous compilations, the first one being Elektrotehnika Slavenika. In 2002 he has released his debut album Idei Lahesna on Tehnika records, which received high praises from both critics and the public, and tracks from it got licensed to numerous compilations and mix CDs.. His self-made video for track "Emergon" got played on such TV stations as VIVA, Onyx TV... In 2005 he releasesed album Variations on rx:tx label on which "the misty, heavily processed dub of Variations, sunk in the thicket of unique soundings, crackles and noises is so thick, greasy and interlaced, that it can swallow an unprepared listener<
> www.octex.si

Borut Savski - self-made sound objects (bowlfuls of sound, sonic bazooka,a.o.), computer
Luka Princic - laptop, live electronics
Matjaz Mancek - prepared guitar, hardware
Dynamic sound installation / experimental sound performance based on Borut Savski's sound-producing inventions, installations and concepts.
Borut Savski
Joined Radio Student Ljubljana in 1984, worked as technician, producer, music critique,... In 1997 he started coordinating Ministry of Experiment, an open platform for various media research. Co-organized web and radio based Xtended Live Radio events in 1997. Got invited to take part in web activities at Ars Electronica 1998. Started a regular radio broadcast "Huda ura" (Heavy Weather) in 1999, presenting sound art within the (not so broad) concept of algorithmic=improvised. In 1999, together with American sound artist John Grzinich, realized a sound installation "Sound Biotope" in Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana.
Other projects include: "Holy Trinity/Round Table"/2001, "Sonic Point Of View"/2002, "Aesthetic machines"/2003, "Bazooka-Electric Jesus"/2004, "Eye meets I"/2004, "Oracle"/2004, "The Dancer"/2005
and "Bowlfuls of sound"/2005.
> www.3via.org/borut

Luka Princic
With a Recording art degree (BA) of SAE Technology College London in his pocket, Princic is a free musician and sound designer, dj (see under Nova Viator bio), programmer, artist and reasearcher of
digital forms of sound and its echoes in the social and emotional textures. His work focuses on issues about free artistic expression, anartivism, networking, do-it-yourself and copyleft etics. Prinčič is also creator of internet projects:
> http://skylined.org, http://www.letusplay.net .

Matjaz Mancek
Since 1996 involved in various music-related activities and actions in Ljubljana: music editor, journalist and dj at Radio Student, club dj, promoter, organizer of various festivals and music series (rock, improv, electronic), editor of experimental electronic label rx:tx, coordinator of series of impro events at club Gromka. Since 2003 he has been actively involved in various improvised and experimental music actions and projects also as a musician.
> www.kataman.org/eng/problemloss-orchestra

Ziga Predan - guitar, vocal, programming
Peter Licen - drums, programming
The music itself was initially inspired by No-wave, Post-Punk bands such as Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and Joy Division only to quickly evolve into a unique sound full of melancholy, selfconfidence, expressiveness and recognizable narrative vocals which lead the listener through a fusion of both analogue and digital music bricolage. Music of RM, later uniquely considered by promoters to be Flamenco Noir or Shizo-Dark-Jazz, stays true to its punkish - D.I.Y. and 'Nicht Mitmachen' principles. Based in Ljubljana since the foundation of the band in 2001, Ziga invites Peter Licen to join the band as the drummer and the band starts touring almost immediately. If one compared RM to their fellow citizens - the infamous band Laibach - one could easily come across some similarities in music expression such as repetition, de-structure, strong vocals and Slavic sensibility. But - if Laibach present their music from a conceptual and political point of view, RM takes it intimately and personally. In the Fall of 2005, the duo has released their first official album >The Girls Seem Happy, The World Seems Dead<, which soon took them to short Brazilian Tour in November 2005.
> www.ruinsmatador.com

Tomaz Grom - double bass
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec - live electronics (Max/Msp)
TILT is based on sound experimentation, and is busy with both, improvisation and structural approach to music making. The first project was CD "Dvojnik/The Double" (1999) which was collaboration with Slovenian poet Primoz Cucnik. There they were combining concrete sounds with improvised material in a song-like forms, and were exploring possibilities of translating spoken word into musical experience in a communicative way. The focus of present project is on creating sound textures and musical structures by means of live processing of acoustical instrument. This process on one hand alters and expands expressive range of instrument, and on the other hand places instrument in different acoustical context, which then requires different way of playing the instrument itself. Tilt is walking on the border between acoustical and electronic, merges, juxtaposes and also cancels out each other sometimes. The duo has performed many improvised concerts with guest musicians such as Will Guthrie, The Same Girl and others.

Turntables, objects, electronics. One of the moste active protagonists on Berlin experimental music scene. Studied the saxophone for several years in the mid 80s and started the same time to experiment with turntables, tape manipulations, sampling & multi-track recordings. While and after college touring with various (free) jazz, experimental, improvised & new music ensembles. Moved to Berlin in 1995 where he has been working with numerous groups and musicians of the younger generation (often labeled as the "Berlin Nouvelle Vague"). The main focus is on electro-acoustic music, object & field recordings, noise & sound art. He has developed a personal style of turntabalism in which he plays (among other extended techniques) selected objects directly on the rotating metal plate and on prepared surfaces. A small microphone amplifies the resulting sounds created by friction. He is founder/member of N.I.E., PERLONEX, BLIND SNAKES, PETIT PALE, PHOSPHOR, DECOLLAGE 3 and works in duo with Chris Abrahams (AUS), Thomas Ankersmit (NL), Phil Durrant (GB), Gunnar Geisse (D), The Haters (USA), Jacek Staniszewski (PL), Dawid Szczesny (PL) & Martin Tetreault (CAN), Wolfram, ...Besides regular and constant playing and touring, he has been releasing records and organizing events, concert series & international festivals of experimental music in Berlin and elsewhere through his Edition Zangi, label Zarek and Staalplaat.

Flute, piccolo, bassflute, electronic. Born in Munich, studied jazz-flute at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria. Sabine Vogel focuses on sound and improvisation, using extended
techniques both acoustic as well as electronic, creating a very personal contemporary language for the flute. 2000 Sabine Vogel has been living in Berlin, Germany. She has a busy concert schedule with performances in Europe and throughout America, working privately in group ensembles as well as collaborating with New Music composers, a.o. Swedish composers Malin Bang, Mattias Petersson, and
the Japanese composer Shintaro Imai. She has played and worked with Anthony Braxton, Arto Lindsay, Tony Buck, Jim Denley, Chris Abrahams, Jack Wright, Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Chris Dahlgren,
Alex Nowitz, Schwimmer, Ensemble Zwischentöne and the Walter Thompson Soundpainting Orchestra.

Buka are:
Hüseyin Evirgen Composer, electronic music performer, DJ. Born in Istanbul. Composition and electro-acoustic music
study at the "University of Istanbul, State Conservatory" and "University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria".
Lives in Vienna.

Nikola Jeremic
Composer, electronic music performer, programmer. Born in Serbia. Composition and electro-acoustic
music study at the "Faculty of Music Belgrade, Serbia" and "University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria".
Lives in Berlin.
> http://buka.played.by

More info: www.kataman.org/eng/ljubljana-berlin-soundbridge-2006
Sound bridge is organized by Kataman Production > www.kataman.org
In cooperation with:
DISK - Initiative Bild & Ton > www.diskberlin.de
Zentrale Randlage e.V. > www.zentrale-randlage.de
Zangi Music > www.zangimusic.de
The Project is supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and Metelkova > www.metelkova.org

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  • JEAN-LUC GUIONNET (Francija) - solo recital za cerkvene orgle
    Sobota, 8. 9. 2012 ob 20.00 @ Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Ljubljani

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